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MRT Untersuchungen

Examinations and prices

The MRT Mariahilf offers MRI examinations starting at € 198.- per examination.

You can receive a definitive price overview (prices may vary depending on the examined region) by phone from our staff or at the counter!

We would like to inform you that the social insurance carriers do not accept submissions or offer reimbursements!

A large number of examinations are available to you in the MRT Vienna Mariahilf-Institute. The following is a selection of the most important examinations:

MRI of the skull
for example brain, paranasal sinus, etc.

MRI of the spine

MRI of the joints
for example knee joints, shoulder joints, etc.

MRI of the abdomen
for example upper and lower abdomen, kidneys, etc.

for example shoulder joint, hip joint, etc.

for example pelvis-leg, renal arteries, etc.


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