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About us

The Team

Medical direction: Dr.Harald Görzer

Radiological-technical team: Lisa Hoffelner

Secretary/Reception: Gabriela Koss, Susanne Samer, Alexandra Salomon

Executive management: Univ.Prof.Dr.Alexandra Resch-Holeczke, OA.Dr.Michael Urban

Our team is happy to assist you with your questions.

The Institute

Our Institute was founded on the initiative of several Vienna radiologists in 1995. From the start there was a close cooperation with the adjacent hospital of the Barmherzigen Schwestern.

Initially, the Institute was equipped with a 0.5-tesla strong magnetic resonance scanner provided by Philips. A comprehensive modernisation occurred in August 2000, and since then we are equipped with a modern high-field device with a field strength of 1.5-teslas (Intera 1.5, Philips).

The tomograph received a comprehensive software update in 2005 and is currently up-to-date. All areas of application for modern MR-imaging can thus be serviced.

We also have an electronic image archiving system available since 2005, so that preliminary examinations can be compared with previous results. In case you lose your pictures, we can pull up the data and print new copies of the images. However, we ask you to understand that in such a case we have to charge for the cost of the film. There is also the option to burn the images and diagnostic findings onto a CD-ROM – this way, the information can be viewed on any computer by your referring physician or any hospital.

Our MR-tomograph received a hardware and software update during 2015 and is therefore up-to-date with current technology!

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